Son of a freelance artist and a compassionate mother, I was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. We played unsupervised in the streets and on the rooftops. The city was ours, at least in our minds it belonged to us.


Fast forward to now and I am married to my first love, my childhood friend and a lover like no other. Together we’ve made a home in suburbia. Father to a boy whose thought when I am away, makes me finish work quick and rush back home. Together we play, we do things that I once did with my father.


Photography enables me to express myself in my reality. At times, the camera allows me to escape and play unsupervised like the kid once did in Karachi. 


I am inspired by family photographs that were made by my father and my uncle from the 70s through the 90s. Using analog cameras and film is a photo making process that I enjoy the most. My aspiration is to retain photography as our family’s tradition. My brother is an amazing photographer and sometimes my son shoots film which makes me happy.


Thanks for visiting my website to view these images. Cheers!